Patson Machines Pvt. Ltd.

Multispindle Drilling and Tapping Machine (975)

We put at the disposal of global clients, the Multispindle Drilling and Tapping Machine (975) that is fabricated with great excellence and is properly tested as well. Acclaimed for the uninterrupted performance and simple use, these Machines are attainable from us at the marginal rates.


Machine Multispindle Drilling And Tapping SPM-Model 975(833 type)
Component For Auto Parts,Small parts & Endshield of Ceiling Fans Etc.
Operation Multispindle Drilling & tapping
Cycle time(output/hr.) @30 Sec.(120/hr.)
Machine Description Operator will load the job at Drilling Station to Carry out drilling operation. After, job will be loaded at Tapping Station to carry out tapping operation. Operations at both Station will be carried out simultaneously to result in increase in more productivity.