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Assembly Machines

Patson Machines Private Limited is a familiar manufacturer, supplier, and Exporter of Assembly machine hail from Pune, Maharashtra. We are a manufacturing assembly machine that has wide applications. Our hydraulic press machine for assembly is used for the generation of compacting food and other consumables. Our assembly machine is frequently used to manufacture various electrical equipment such as refrigerators, microwaves and laundry machines and this entire machine requires pressing of hydraulic press for shaping panels and other uses as well.

Our Uniqueness
We are one of the renowned assembly machine manufacturers in India and also deliver

Special Purpose Machines

Our company Patson Machines Private Limited is a well known and leading manufacturer and exporter of special purpose machines in Maharashtra. We are manufacturing special use of machines such as special-purpose CNC Machine, special purpose drilling machine, special purpose boring machine, etc which has various applications. We are manufacturing drilling machines using the latest technology for drilling of various metals in various manufacturing industries.
The followings are the benefits of special purpose machines as:
High Productivity
Less complication
Useful for mass production
Reduction in maintenance cost
Accurate work and

Chassis Component Machines

We Patson Machines Private Limited are eminent manufacturer, supplier, and Exporter of chassis Components machines in Pune. We are manufacturing Chassis components machine such as CNC Drilling & Tapping Spm, CNC Milling and Deburring machine, etc which has wide applications. We are a manufacturing framework components machine using the latest technology for deploying high efficient tools in the automotive sectors.
The followings are the qualities of chassis Components machines as:
Improving Efficiency
Higher safety
Increased reliability
Low maintenance required
Lesser time to complete job
Our company has a wide network system

Fine Boring Machine

Based in Pune, we Patson Machines Private Limited are distinguished and leading manufacturer, and supplier of Fine Boring machine. We are an excellent supplier of Fine boring machines providing a machine for making bore in various industries. We are a manufacturer of excellent fine boring machines using the latest technology.
Here are some of the unique features of Fine boring machine as:
High accuracy
Mass production in less time
High-quality control
Reduction of labor
We are one of the highest manufacturer and exporter of the fine boring machine in Maharashtra. Our machines are highly efficient and also

Way Type Machines

A way type machine is a special metal cutting tool which employs the normalised units and assemblies that are not connected kinematically. The power units have their drives which have interdependence and sequence of motion is specified by one single controlling system. The units of the independent operation make it possible to unify their design and create an effective set of standard dimension. The way type unit head machine tools used in great amount in the mechanical processing where the cutting instrument moves and the pieces remain stationary.
If you are looking for a company which sells the best way type machines then you are in the right place. We

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