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Chassis Component Machines

We Patson Machines Private Limited are eminent manufacturer, supplier, and Exporter of chassis Components machines in Pune. We are manufacturing Chassis components machine such as CNC Drilling & Tapping Spm, CNC Milling and Deburring machine, etc which has wide applications. We are a manufacturing framework components machine using the latest technology for deploying high efficient tools in the automotive sectors.
The followings are the qualities of chassis Components machines as:
Improving Efficiency
Higher safety
Increased reliability
Low maintenance required
Lesser time to complete job
Our company has a wide network system to deliver a special purpose machine across the country and also outside the country. Our company provides unique chassis components machines as per customer’s requirements and also at affordable rates. We are also taking care of the machines which are well-equipped and function properly. We are one of the reliable chassis components machine supplier in Maharashtra and delivers quality designed products to our customers.


Product Details

Machine Drilling & Trepanning SPM
Component LTV side Member
Operation Drilling & Trepanning
Cycle time (Output/hr) 70 sec. For machining (51/hr.)
Model 808
Quality Best

Patson Machines Private Limited is a unique and outstanding manufacturer, and supplier of 4 spindle Trepanning Machine. We are a prominent supplier of 4 spindle Trepanning Machine providing machines deep hole drilling in various industries. We are a manufacturer of reliable 4 spindle trepanning machines using modern technology.

Here are some of the unique features of Fine boring machine as:

Lesser Effort

Easy drilling

Highly Indexable

High Accuracy

Easy to use

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of 4 spindle Trepanning Machine in Maharashtra. Our machines are extremely efficient and cost-saving machines to provide higher customer satisfaction. Our company supplies 4 spindle trepanning machines across India. We are one of the excellent 4 spindle Trepanning Machine Suppliers in the western region. We are taking care of the...


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Product Details

Machine CNC Drilling & Tapping Spm
Component Twist Beam Welded Structure Assy.
Operation Drilling & Tapping of Camber plate
Cycle time (Output/hr) 100 Sec. (36/hr.)
Model 977
Size M10x1.25p

Component is loaded manually in the fixture. Fixture is mounted on hydraulically operated shuttle slide. At drilling station 5 nos. hole will be drilled to camber plate from both side. Drilling cycle will be rapid feed-feed-rapid return. Then fixture moves to tapping station where 4 nos. tapping operation will be carried out. Tapping operation is pitch controlled. And fixture slide will return to home position.

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Special Purpose CNC Milling and Deburring Machine for RTB
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Product Details

Model 1021
Component Twist Beam Welded Structure Assy.
Operation Milling & Deburring of at both ends Camber plate
Cycle time(Output/hr) 120 Sec.(30/hr.)
Quality Best
Warranty 1 Year

Job is loaded in the fixture manually. Hydraulically clamped. An ISO50 milling spindle unit mounted on X and Z servo axis slide performs the facing operation in two pass on camber plate from both sides.

Y axis slide and one more spindle unit is provided to carry out deburring operation to the profile of camber plate using Y and X axis interpolation.


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