Way Type Machines Application In Manufacturing Industries

Posted by Admin on July, 16, 2021

The special machine for metal cutting purposes is termed a Way Type Machine. It assembles normalised units which are not joined dynamically. The power drives are run on the sequence as controlled by a centralised unit. The independent operations of various units make the feasible design and set the effective look.

The tools are mounted for mechanical processing in which only the cutting machine remains dynamic and other parts are stationary. It is mainly used for driving fasteners or making the round hole. Although we majorly focus on drilling, it is one kind of processing technology in production.

About Way Type Machine:

There is various drilling phenomenon created by special purpose machines. The application is to shape wood, metal, and other tools properly by cutting holes and later join it with nut bolts. Even it is quite an easier way to repair the defective parts of a machine and reshape it.

According to the need, we can see the below-mentioned categories.

1. Portable Drill: These machines are used for smart technology in the workshop. It is a delicate way to drill the smart hole by holding the workpiece.

2. Sensitive Drill: The spindle and table speed with feed mechanism must be vertically moved for machining medium and small-sized tools. Sensitive machines are found in terms of table and floor type. It is the case of pressure adjustment while drilling the hole.

3. Upright Drill: This machine is available to design stronger holes with sensitivity. You may find two types of upright machines depending on box column and round column.

4. Radial Drill: The feed mechanism and speed of the spindle must be moved via the radial arm. The radial arm rotates, and it can be lifted later. This process is widely applicable for heavy, large, and porous materials. Heavy-duty applications rely on radial drilling.

5. Gang Drill: The magic is that you will get various sized holes at the same or different times as it has numerous drilling heads placed. So, you will get efficient work within a small time.

6. Multiple Spindle Drilling: It resembles the gang drilling phenomenon. The main difference is that it works with only the same-sized workpieces. It is hired for doing similar production jobs in the factory.

7. Deep Drilling: We need heavy-duty work like deep holes for bigger machines tools and barrels. It acquires a horizontal path to work with large pieces with keeping the part cool inside.


If you want to know its major applications, you may follow up with three Way Type Machine Supplier in Maharashtra for constructing medical equipment, electronic equipment, and transportation tools. Numerous holes are produced just to judge with various production tool requirements as well. It may be a semi-automatic or automatic tool as per the demand.

Moreover, the capacities depend on spindle nose, speed, electric motor, and others. Hence, it is advisable to get the right Way Type Machine to enhance worldwide production. Because we are going fast for real estate and other sector developments in ongoing projects. We must be synchronised with the machines as well.

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